Formula 1 2018 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix – LIVE


Formula 1 2018 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix LIVE

Location: Bahrain

Circuit: Bahrain International Circuit

Race: Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

Weather Conditions: Warm

It’s nearly time for the second race of the 2018 Formula 1 season and here you’ll be able to see the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix LIVE with live race updates as they happen – including driver interviews before and briefly after the race.


 Lewis Hamilton: “My fans keep me going – they’re amazing. I got to the office on Thursday and they said ‘Oh, you’ve got an penalty’ which is a knock back and we tried to do the best job we could. It didn’t go the way I thought it would but the fans have always been amazing here – when I see the flags and when I see the support, I think ‘Oh okay – I’ve got some people with me.”

“If people think that this will be an easy championship for us – they’re wrong. As you can see the Ferrari’s are on it and I think we have the most support out here so that definitely helps.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “We don’t want to be doing anything stupid but we will take it easy and see how it will go.”

 Pierre Gasly: “It was an amazing day for us and happy for the team as they are working really hard. Today we need to stay focused and get a good result.”

Happy faces from Ricciardo and Harley – Image from Toro Rosso Twitter.


Daniel Ricciardo: “Seb would be a favourite for pole – it would be good to get on the podium and I love Sundays as I’ve said. I think I can get past Kimi – I’m quietly confident. Our long run on Friday was OK – it’s better than that and I’ll try my best and create some fireworks.”

Stoffel Vandoorne: “It’s not been easy in Qualifying yesterday – our pace is looking better.”

Max Verstappen: “Clearly, the power came at the wrong time yesterday – we will try again today and see. The general pace of the car is good.”

Sebastian Vettel: “Two years ago, I didn’t make it to the line – it’s a long race. Today or tonight, it will be very exciting as it’s close between the teams so hopefully we can take the advantage from pole and see how we will go. It looks close and if we have a good start – we can settle and control the race.”

Drivers are now making their way onto the grid ahead of the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix! Image – Mercedes Twitter.


The conditions are windy around the track – drivers are now making their way round to the grid, getting ready for the race ahead.

 Drivers are now lined up on the grid and waiting for the formation lap to begin.



Drivers are now making their way round for the formation lap.

Team to Hamilton: “Valtteri is staying with his balance – similar to other cars.”

Hamilton: “How is the temperature?”

Team to Hamilton: “Temperature is similar to yesterday – it might get a little bit cooler but  it won’t make much of a difference.”


Lap 1

A battle with Magnussen who gets hit – Hamilton doesn’t gain any places however he’s being cautious. Fernando Alonso makes his way past Hamilton who’s being careful.

Lap 2

A battle between Verstappen and Hamilton – Verstappen hits Hamilton and then suffers with a puncture.


BOTH RED BULL RACING cars have pictures – Ricciardo is OUT of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Verstappen makes his way back to the pits – he’s on P19.


Battles ongoing everywhere. Perez gets hit and has damage on his car, he’s down in P17.

Lap 4

DRS Enabled

Magnussen battling in P5 – he gets another hit.

Lap 5

Verstappen OUT – he’s parked his car after coming out of the pits and not being able to compete a lap.

Hamilton up into P5 – he’s being careful however making his way through the grid.

Lap 7

Sebastian Vettel leads the race and sets the fastest lap – he’s got Bottas in P2 and Raikkonen in P3.

Brendon Hartley and Sergio Perez are under investigation.

Lewis Hamilton is up into P4 – he looks comfortable at the moment.

Team to Alonso: “Apparently Hulkenberg is struggling with his battery.”  Hulkenberg is in front of Alonso so it should be a relatively easy move for Alonso.

Lap 9 

Brendon Hartley receives a penalty for causing a collision with Perez.

The incident between Hamilton and Verstappen – no further action.

Lap 10

Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen, Hamilton – top 4 drivers.


Lap 12

Brendon Hartley and Sergio Perez are under investigation – again.

Fernando Alonso comes into the pits.

Lap 17

 Fernando Alonso now makes his way past Leclerc after dropping place due to his pit-stop.

Fernando Alonso now makes his way past Sergey Sirotkin – Alonso is gaining on Hulkenberg, again.

Lap 19

Vettel pits and Bottas takes the lead for the time being.

Team to Hamilton: “It’s all moving to place Lewis – remember, we are sticking to Plan A”

Lap 20

Raikonnen now comes into the pits for his tyre change.

It’s now Bottas, Hamilton, Vettel and Raikkonen who are the top 4 drivers at the moment – remember no pit stops for Bottas or Hamilton.

Lap 21

Bottas now comes into the pits – Hamilton leads the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Lap 23 

Bottas sets the fastest lap time on his new tyres.

Lap 26 

Vettel makes his way past Hamilton.

Team to Raikkonen: “Hamilton will be behind, he hasn’t stopped yet but he will be behind.”

Hamilton now comes into the pits.

Lap 28

Hamilton: “How far is everyone ahead?”

Team to Hamilton: “We still have two second gap to the pits so do what you can but we are sticking to Plan A.”

It’s now Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen and Hamilton who are the top 4.

Lap 30

Hamilton has closed the time gap to Vettel.

Magnussen: “Tell him (Grosjean) to get out the f***ing way”

Personal Opinion – If you want to get past – you make a move and race. Not ask the team to intervene

Grosjean comes into the pits.

Lap 34

 Hamilton: “The gap as it is he will come out right behind me, correct?”

That’s if Vettel pits.

Team to Hamilton:” OK, Lewis – it looks like Ferrari might be managing so get yourself back to target.”

 Lap 36

Raikkonen comes into the pits however a incident took place at his pit stop, signalling him to leave however a mechanic gets injured.

 Raikkonen is OUT of the race.

The mechanic is still on the floor with doctors attending.

Lap 39

Team to Vettel: “We are plan B – Plan B – Kimi has retired.”

Lap 40

Hamilton has a little issue with his radio however the team are telling him the timing and updates on Vettel.

Lap 41 

The mechanic from the pit stop which ended Raikkonen’s race has been taken to hospital for treatment.

Lap 42

Team to Hamilton: “You need to target low 1:34s – You are doing the target lap time, we just need to know how hard you are pushing.”

Hamilton: “I am doing the 1:34’s guys”

Lap 43

It’s looking likely that Vettel won’t be coming into the pits at the moment – will his tyres last?

Lap 44

It’s Vettel, Bottas and Hamilton who are the top 3 drivers at the moment.

Team to Bottas: “Good time – let’s just close the gap to Vettel now.”

Lap 45

Hamilton: “Bono can you please tell me if I’m on target with these times.”

Team to Hamilton: “Lewis, we can just hear wind noise.”

How can we (the viewers) hear the team radio but the team can’t?

Lap 46

Hamilton: “Guys, I don’t feel like you’re giving me enough information.”

Lap 47

10 laps to go

It’s Vettel, Bottas and Hamilton still the top 3 drivers.

 Lap 49

Team to Hamilton: “Ok Lewis, keep your head down. We don’t know if Vettel will fall out of that time.”

Lap 52

Vettel losing a lot of grip – Bottas closing the gap to Vettel.

Hamilton on the team radio about the blue flag.

 Lap 53

Team to Bottas: “There will be no more lapped cars so push.”

Bottas is closing the gap – Vettel losing grip.

Lap 57

Vettel and Bottas are battling – Bottas is right behind Vettel and right down to the last corner they’ll be battling.


Valtteri Bottas in P2Lewis Hamilton in P3

 Sebastian Vettel: “I think I came on the radio with 10 laps to go. I said ‘everything is under control’ but I lied – I don’t have anything under control and thought Valtteri was going to catch me.”

“Both Mercedes were strong at the end of the race – fortunately he ran out of laps.”

Valtteri Bottas: “I was seeing red – I knew that there would be change that we could catch them in the end but it wasn’t quite enough.

Sebastian Vettel: “Coming out of the pits, I knew that we would have quite a bit of a gap – it turned out to be a great stategy for Mercedes and that put the pressure onto us so I’m really pleased that I managed to get the win in these conditions.”

Valtteri Bottas: Being second with such a close margin is disappointing but we will try our best in other races.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I’m happy with P3 – congratulations to Sebastian and Valtteri. This is damage limitations, there was frustration as the team couldn’t hear me but you’re trying to control things and make sure you’re not damaging your tyres either. Thank you to everyone for coming out here and supporting us.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I also want to send regards to our team mechanic as I think he got hit in the pits by Kimi so I’m sure they are looking after him. It’s a mixed day but happy.”

There’s plenty on the way this evening with driver interviews and reaction following the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix Live.

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