Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test Two – Day Three


Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test Two – Day Three

On the penultimate day of pre-season testing, fans were treated to plenty of action on track with teams pushing their cars and turning out to be one of the busiest days of testing – so far.

As you’ll be able to see below, Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) topped the timesheets, setting a fastest lap time of 1:17.182 and completing 188 laps around the circuit. Let’s take a look at all the reaction from drivers and teams below.

Barcelona 2018 Timesheet

FERRARI – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test Two – Day Three

Driver: Sebastian Vettel

Laps Completed: 188

Best Lap Time: 1:17.182

Sebastian Vettel: “There’s been a lot of times, what’s important is the car was working all day. We did nearly 200 laps so that was good!”

“Overall the conditions were better than yesterday. It’s always difficult to compare but it matters in a couple of week’s time, that’s when its serious. It always depends what you do. It’s the wrong conclusion to look at the timesheet, there’s a lot more than one lap. I think today the track was also quite fast but we were running a slightly different programme to others.”

“Obviously our target is to be up front but this is the wrong time to say anything. You’ve seen more cars going round than I have this week and had more time to look at the timesheets as well, so I’m sure in the next couple of days we will know a little bit more heading to Australia.”

“For now the important thing is we know our car is working the way we want, the way we expect. I think we can still do better, so let’s see whether we get there.”

“Also its always difficult to know, nowadays there are so many variables. It used to be only tyres and fuel, now there’s energy, and modes, whatever. So it’s the wrong time to draw any conclusions.”

“I’m pretty happy. It’s not my first winter testing and preparation for the season, usually it’s scheduled, the race sim, and always something happens. We got a smooth run, no car issues, no red flags, so we could get through. Also for the guys, they did the stops. So that was solid.”

“I don’t know in terms of pace, you always think you could have done better here and there, just like racing! But it was OK.”

“Mostly that we did a lot of laps, also the race (simulation) we had a chunk of laps, that was important in understanding the car to be honest, and understand what we need and things we still need to get on top of.”

MERCEDES – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test Two – Day Three

Drivers: Valtteri Bottas – Lewis Hamilton

Laps Completed: Bottas: 97 – Hamilton: 84

Best Lap Times: Bottas: 1:19.532 – Hamilton: 1:19.296

For the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team, they completed 181 laps around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and today was the busiest day for the team yet.

Valtteri Bottas took the car out during the morning, completing 97 laps before the lunch break and his team-mate Lewis Hamilton took to the circuit for the afternoon run, completing 84 laps around the circuit – a total of 181 laps.

Valtteri Bottas: “Today was one of those days that you learn the most from as a driver. For the first time this year, we did a race simulation with a proper race distance. You have the mind-set that it’s a race and you try to take everything out of the car and the tyres – a real race distance gives you more time to learn and experience different driving lines.”

“The race run seemed quite competitive, everything felt alright – the medium tyre is behaving well on this track and in these conditions. Both the team and I have been understanding the new tyres more ad more every day but we need to keep in mind that they will be very different in Australia.”

“I still have another half day left in the car tomorrow afternoon and it will be the last time I’m going in the car before Melbourne so we need to make sure we make the most out of that time. We need to learn as much as we can. Overall, today was a very positive day and real teaser for Melbourne.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Our week has been very productive so far. We got through everything we needed reliability has been fantastic and the car feels great. We have not been working on balance but in terms of some of the issues we had last year, a lot of them appear to have been removed.”

“We’ve got great correlation when we change bits of the car so it’s been a smooth transition this year so far.”

“The track s very different to what is used to be because they resurfaced it so it’s difficult to know what all the experience means once we get to Melbourne but I definitely have a feeling that we’re moving in a positive direction – I’m really proud of everyone, they’ve been working so well in the team and the energy is great at the moment.”

“On another note, I know that it’s International Women’s Day so happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies – to my mum and to my sisters, I think it’s an amazing time for women. In my team, there’s more women engineers than ever before so I think it’s a good time and. hope that everyone has an amazing day.”

MCLAREN – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test Two – Day Three

Driver: Stoffel Vandoorne

Laps Completed: 151

Best Lap Time: 1:18.855

Stoffel Vandoorne: “Today was a very positive day for us and we completed a lot of laps. This morning was good – we went through a lot of set-up work, understanding about the tyre compounds, and did a lot of learning that we’d missed at the start of this week and also last week because of the bad weather conditions.”

“This afternoon we completed a full race distance, which went smoothly and was good to get under our belt, to get a feel for the car in race conditions, and go through the different tyre variations.”

“The feeling in the car from the beginning has been very positive, and today’s running has confirmed that feeling.”

“Obviously, there are a few areas we know we need to work on, and our car in Melbourne will be quite different as there are a lot of updates coming. It’s important now that everything we’ve learned here we carry forward.”

“Today was very productive and it gives us the confidence to go to Melbourne with a strong package. It was also my last day in the car and now I’m looking forward to going racing. I feel 100 per cent ready.”

Eric Boullier (Racing Director): “Today was a very positive day for the whole team. We completed a significant amount of mileage and also achieved a solid amount of work on our test programme ‘wish-list’”

“As we near the end of our allocated eight test days, it’s very satisfying that we were able to turn our attention to race simulations and longer runs, which all help towards preparing our package as comprehensively as possible ahead of the first race of the season and beyond.”

“We also completed a number of further useful development and correlation tests which have been a very valuable portion of our test programme today.”
“We’re still learning a lot, and every lap we do is extra useful data for our armoury. Now we hope to round off the test with a solid final day tomorrow for Fernando and complete our pre-season preparations before Melbourne.”

Red Bull Racing – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test Two – Day Three

Driver: Max Verstappen

Laps Completed: 187

Best Lap Time: 1:19.842

Today, Max Verstappen had his final pre-season testing session in Barcelona during another productive day for the Red Bull Racing team.

Max Verstappen: “Today was about doing a lot of laps! The focus for us today was on long runs and the feeling with the car was good – no problems with the car and I was happy with the pace. We can definitely work from here.”

‘If it’s going to be good enough? We’ll have to wait and see – we’ll find out when we get into the races but I think we can be happy with what we have – I’m ready for it.”

Head of Race Engineering, Guillaume Rocquelin: “Well, last night we were hoping for a repeat of a good running that we had with Daniel yesterday and we got it. As with yesterday, we drew up a pretty ambitious run plan but we managed to get through the whole programme.”

“Of course, there are a lot of teams getting some good mileage on their cars as well so we’re not patting ourselves on the back but we have the kind of reliability that we normally don’t have during pre-season sessions.”

“Max didn’t do any performance running on the softest tyres, simply because we’re not chasing times – it’s not suited to this circuit and we got the data which we needed on the tyre from Daniel’s running yesterday.”

Photos – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test Two – Day Three






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