Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Three & Day Four


Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Three & Day Four

Today, it was the last day of the first week of pre-season testing in Barcelona and it was a productive day for many teams who are now looking forward to more productive testing days next week.

Day Three wasn’t the most productive of days so we’re straight onto Day Four and below, you can see driver reaction and interviews.

Mercedes – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Three and Day Four

Valtteri Bottas (AM) – Lewis Hamilton (PM)

Laps Completed – Bottas: 60 – Hamilton: 69

Valtteri Bottas: “We started in the wet today and got some very useful running done on both the Wet and Intermediate tyres – I did a long run of roughly 30 laps on the intermediates and could really feel the track conditions evolve during that run.”

“We got some insights into the intermediate tyres and their durability in temperatures like these.”

“We later did a cross-ver, changing from Inters to slick tyres in a pit stop – that was very useful for the strategy team but also for us as drivers as you learn a lot when you try and find the grip on the slicks and feel how the car behaves.”

“The first week of testing was a tricky start for all the teams but I think we have managed to make the most out of it – everyone in Brackley and Brixworth has done an amazing job and everything on the car has worked well since day one and the engine is also running very smoothly.”

I’m looking forward to next week and hopefully we will come back to Barcelona with normal conditions – I’m excited to learn about the W09 and maybe next week we can find out how quick it is.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Today has been positive, I’m so happy that I could get in he car and I’m really excited that I could get some running in. It’s been the first time today that I’ve really been out to learn a lot more about the car and the characteristics.”

“I got to see what she’s like and stretch her legs a little bit – driving a new car is like trying to crash a code: you have to figure out which different techniques you need to get the most out of it but the W09 feels like last year’s big sister.”

“Out on track, the Pirelli tyres have been very hard to get working in these unusually cold conditions but they feel pretty good once they are up to temperature – of course, we’ve got things to learn and improve on balance-wise but overall, the feeling is positive.”

“I’m really looking forward to next week and getting back in and learning more.”

Red Bull Racing – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Three and Day Four

Laps Completed – 35

Max Verstappen brought Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s first week of pre-season testing to close today in a stop-start session that was again affected by the conditions at the Circuit de Catalunya and by technical issues.

In the morning the team opted for limited running on the damp and cold circuit, with Max putting in 18 laps and focusing on short runs and aero testing.

With the track drying in the afternoon more aero work was conducted before a mechanical issue affected running. A late spin for Max then saw his day end early.

Max Verstappen: “Today we didn’t do any performance laps, but when you have conditions such as this, which are not ideal, then it’s best to just focus on making sure everything is working in the way you want and that the data you’re getting correlates to what is happening in the wind tunnel and that’s what we did”

“We had a couple of little hiccups today and then in the afternoon I had a little moment where I went into the gravel, tried to the reverse but it got stuck. However, I’m quite happy with the car so far, and maybe the second week will show a bit more how we compare against our rivals.”

“I certainly hope it’s a bit sunnier next week.”

Head of Race Engineering Guillaume Rocquelin: “Not an ideal end to what has been a pretty tricky week. In the early morning the track took a long time to get to a condition where we felt there was any point in running, and then we focused mainly on aero work.”

“We were finally able to run on dry tyres from about 2pm onwards. We had a reliability issue in the afternoon, and Max had a spin, which led to us calling a halt, but the issues we had are easy fixes and in general we’re pretty happy with how the car runs, so now it’s about building on what we have.”

“The real difficulty this week was in not being able to maximise the time available and that was a bit frustrating. However, we are reasonably happy with what the RB14 delivered in its first outing and we now have a bit of time back at base to work on next week’s test, when hopefully the weather conditions will be a bit kinder.”

Williams – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Three and Day Four

Sergey Sirotkin: “It was still quite a good, productive week. Of course, it was not ideal in some aspects, but I believe we squeezed the best out of the situation.”

“It was nice to feel how the new car behaves on the track in different conditions. We haven’t got the full picture of the car yet but I think we can see some strong points and I believe we can make them even stronger, as well as correct the weaker parts.”

“Next week, we will have better weather and a better chance to do this.”

“Today, we collected as much data and knowledge as possible about the car. I got some feeling for the car with quite a good amount of consistent wet running, so a reasonable amount of information about the car and myself.”

Lance Stroll: “My day was pretty good. I felt good in the car, the balance feels good. It’s not easy to warm the tyres, it takes quite some time to get them working but it shouldn’t be this cold during the year. My initial thoughts are the car feels pretty good.”

“We have a lot of work to do and a lot to understand. The seat time is good, building confidence in the car. It’s a new car, with new balance, a lot has changed.”

“I did quite a few laps this afternoon, that’s always positive in a first test. Next week, it’s going to be a busier week than predicted because of the conditions this week.”

“It’s been a big off-season for everyone and the expectations are high coming into this year. We definitely want to take a step forward.”

“We know the competition’s difficult from other teams but that doesn’t bring us down, it should give us more motivation to go out and be the best we can be.”

Sauber – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Three and Day Four

Laps Completed – Ericsson: 79 – Leclerc: 59

Marcus Ericsson: “Today, we had the opportunity to gain insight into the behavior of our new car in wet conditions, while testing different tyre compounds.”

“All in all, this first week has been quite insightful, despite the limitations that we faced due to the difficult weather conditions here in Barcelona.”

“I have learned a lot, and look forward to continuing to make positive progress next week.”

Charles Leclerc: “It was great to be back on a race track this week. I was able to learn a lot about all of the new procedures and am starting to feel more comfortable in the car.”

“The weather conditions were not ideal this week, but we made the most of it. As they were improving this afternoon, we completed a number of tests, which was a positive end to this first test.”

“I can’t wait to get back into the car next week.”

Take a look at some photos from around the paddock during Day Three and Day Four of pre-season test – provided by Mercedes AMG Petronas and Red Bull Racing.

Around The Paddock – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Three and Day Four






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