Formula 1 2018: Race Times (What time will the races start?)


Formula 1 2018: Race Times

Over the past couple of days, we’ve been hearing of more changes taking place in Formula 1 (again) and now – we’re facing more changes and this time, changes are being made to the race times for the 2018 Formula 1 season.

All of this is down to the new owners of F1 – Liberty Media which believe that moving the start times to 10 minutes past the hour will improve the experience of TV Viewers.

Formula 1 Authorities – “Research has indicated that a wider TV audience is reachable later in the afternoons, especially in the summer months. Consequently, it has decided to move the schedule of every session across the whole weekend for the Grand Prix.”


Yes – the change isn’t just for Race Day, it includes qualifying sessions too. For example – for the season-opening on March 25th, the Australian Grand Prix will start at 6:10 am (UK time) with he first qualifying session starting at 6am (UK time) the day before.

The Bahrain Grand Prix which is a ‘twilight’ race will start at the local time of 6:10pm – this is 15 minutes after sunset.

Below you can see all the new race times for every race of the season.


Formula 1 2018: Race Times For EVERY Race

All UK Time

Australian GP – Date: March 25 –  Race Start Time: 6.10am

Bahrain GP – Date: April 8 – Race Start Time: 4.10pm

Chinese GP – Date: April 15 – Race Start Time: 7.10am

Azerbaijan GP – Date: April 29 – Race Start Time: 1.10pm

Spanish GP  – Date: May 13 – Race Start Time: 2.10pm

Monaco GP  – Date: May 27 – Race Start Time: 2.10pm

Canadian GP – Date: June 10 – Race Start Time: 7.10pm

French GP – Date: June 24 – Race Start Time:  3.10pm

Austrian GP – Date: July 1 – Race Start Time: 2.10pm

British GP – Date: July 8 – Race Start Time: 2.10pm

German GP – Date: July 22 – Race Start Time: 2.10pm

Hungarian GP – Date: July 29 – Race Start Time: 2.10pm

Belgian GP – Date: August 26 – Race Start Time: 2.10pm

Italian GP – Date: September 2 – Race Start Time: 2.10pm

Singapore GP – Date: September 16 – Race Start Time: 1.10pm

Russian GP – Date: September 30 – Race Start Time: 12.10pm

Japanese GP – Date: October 7 – Race Start Time: 6.10am

United States GP – Date: October 21 – Race Start Time: 7.10pm

Mexican GP – Date: October 28 – Race Start Time: 7.10pm

Brazilian GP – Date: November 11 – Race Start Time: 5.10pm

Abu Dhabi GP – Date: November 25 – Race Start Time: 1.10pm

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