FIRST LOOK: Renault Reveal R.S.18 Formula 1 Car – “We have everything to be positive”


FIRST LOOK: Renault Reveal R.S.18 Formula 1 Car – “We have everything to be positive”

You guessed it – another launch and this time we’re featuring Renault who launched their 2018 Formula 1 car – the R.S.18 and the team are looking very positive for the upcoming season.

The French Manufacturer revealed their new car for the season in an online presentation and as you can see, the car showcases the mandatory halo cockpit protection and after comparing it to the other teams who have launched their car, Renault looks like it’s one of the best-looking – at the moment.

(We still have Mercedes and Ferrari to launch their cars which should look impressive)

“We have everything to be positive”

Cyril Abiteboul – “Last year was successful in many ways. It was the second year in our rebuilding and a further step towards our long-term plans and aims. 2016 was all about recruiting, investing, bringing in new sponsors, new talents and building our brand.”

“Over the past year I’ve seen progression in many areas: ninth to sixth in the standings – in many races we were often the fourth fastest team on the grid.”

“This is a testament to our drive, commitment and adherence to a very ambitious plan. It was a quantified progression towards what we want to become and challenging the top teams.”

“We have everything to be positive about this year.”

“We have two very talented and ambitious drivers. Last year Nico gave us exactly what we needed with his experience, knowledge and ability to lead both on and off track.”

“Carlos joined us at the end of the season and he brought something fresh, and he scored points to help us in the Constructors’ battle. Without that we wouldn’t have finished where we finished.”

“Our headline target is to show continued progression through results. We want to be able to showcase our progression in every regard; power unit, chassis, operations, drivers.”

“Everything must improve and we must continue to grow. We want to demonstrate this in many different ways, from the teams we will be directly racing against, to the gap to the leaders, including also our fan base and the respect that our team will inspire in our way we behave on and off track.”

Nico Hulkenberg: “When I have visited Enstone and seen everything going on with the development of the R.S.18 I’m very enthused about the season ahead. Add that to the news from Viry about the development of the power unit and everything looks and sounds good; it’s all positive and there are exciting times ahead.”

“I’m feeling positive and optimistic in myself. We’re in a good position. For this year we want to build on the good platform of last season. 2017 was about bedding in, now I want to get ready to go.”

“I get a good feeling, we have put the work in over the winter and hard work usually pays off. I’m eager to get out there. Put me in the car!”

Carlos Sainz: “The general approach is to work harder every day to continue on a positive trend, for sure the main target is to take a step forward, both me as a driver and the whole team.”

“It’s difficult to predict how big that step will be, however, I’m confident as I have been pushing hard during the winter and I know everyone at the factory is giving their very best.”

“I´m convinced this is going to be an exciting season.”

Lots more coming soon!

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