Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Two


Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Two

The cold weather seems to be everywhere and today in Barcelona, the weather conditions got even worse with a mini blizzard in the afternoon.

Today’s timing showed a change in teams with Ferrari now ahead of the Mercedes team (yesterday it was Red Bull Racing) however we know that the weather conditions haven’t been great with many teams limiting their running on-track.

First up, it’s Mercedes who opted to focus on aero data collection at the start of the day with Valtteri Bottas remaining in the car for long-runs and set-up in the afternoon.

Mercedes – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Two

As mentioned above, Valtteri Bottas remained in the car for the session today, handling the freezing temperatures well – completing laps and clocking in the second fastest time of the day.

After poor track conditions limited morning running sessions, Valtteri continued to drive for the afternoon, maximising the mileage.

Valtteri Bottas: “It was very cold on track today: I don’t think I’ve ever driven in such cold conditions before in Formula One. Testing is always difficult in these temperatures, the tyres are just not made for these conditions.”

“We made the most out of the day, In the morning we focused on aero work with different aero rakes on the car and in the afternoon, I was doing long-runs and also worked on the set-up. “

“It was quite tricky in these temperatures however we managed to get some work done and found answers to our testing items. The weather is obviously unfortunate but there’s nothing that you can do about it, it’s the same conditions for everyone.”

“I would say it was a good day and I hope the weather is going to get better soon but I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Thursday.”

Lewis Hamilton: “With the weather conditions being up and down and the loss of track time we had yesterday, it made sense to keep Valtteri in the car this afternoon.”

“Having run in the morning, he was comfortable int he car already and we would have lost about an hour of running time with the driver switch.”

“With no real understanding of whether good weather was coming or not – I took the decision to sacrifice that time in order for the team to get a better understanding of the car by going through the run plan.”

Red Bull Racing – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Two

Max Verstappen: “My first feeling of the car is positive – Of course it’s early days but the initial feeling is good. In the end I don’t think we lost too much ground in the morning as the track seemed in pretty poor condition early on.”

“It wasn’t ideal but we had to check through everything and it took a while. In the afternoon we completed quite a bit of what we wanted to, we tested a few things on the car. It was pretty cold and so it’s difficult to switch on the tyres.”

“Basically when you go out of the pits it’s flat out to keep the temperatures up and lap by lap you’re going faster, it’s that cold. It makes it quite difficult but overall it was a positive day.”

Head of Race Engineering Guillaume Rocquelin: “It is really tricky. When teams select tyres for testing, which happened in December, you’re always looking for a consistent tyre but a consistent one is usually one that is pretty durable and that means it’s been very difficult to get them working.”

“Plus, as Daniel said yesterday, the re-surfacing means there’s just very little grip, so it’s difficult to learn a lot. It’s frustrating but every team is dealing with the same issue, so you just have to readjust your goals for the week and try to tick as many boxes as you can.”

“That process wasn’t really helped by the technical gremlins we experienced this morning. Max had a decent afternoon and his feedback was consistent with what Daniel told us yesterday so all in all we’re still reasonably pleased with progress.”

“Cold – but reasonably pleased!”

Williams – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Two

For the Williams team, test and development driver, Robert Kubica took to the track for testing in the afternoon – much to everyone’s joy and below you can see what he had to say.

Robert Kubica (Test & Development Driver): “I think we have achieved the maximum we could do due to the weather and general track temperatures. I got my first feeling for the car, and saw what we were able to do in difficult conditions.”

“It is not easy to jump into a new car with such difficult weather conditions and have the confidence to push, but I think we did some important work, although it was short. However, it gave us, and especially myself, an idea of how to work better for the future to address some areas where we can improve the car.”

“The car has some very powerful areas, but, in the meantime, we need to work on some issues which I am sure we will get on top of. If we do that then the driveability, and also the confidence of the driver will be higher.”

Sergey Sirotkin: “The weather this morning was very similar to yesterday, but it got better around midday. When we started it was very cold, too cold to try and make any use of the runs, so we just spent our time doing the aero checks among other things, which are less dependent on the weather conditions.”

Around midday, the temperature came back to us and we switched to try to do some proper running, but it was still not ideal.”

“We did 52 laps overall, which is ok, we got a first impression of the car and the first things to pay attention to. Again, it wasn’t ideal but it wasn’t ideal for anyone.”

We got the maximum we could so we should be happy with how we reacted to the situation.”

Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 – Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day Two

Charles Leclerc was the only driver to take to the track today for the Alfa Romeo Sauber team who completed their aerodynamic programme, mechanics test and tyre work.

Charles Leclerc: “First of all, it is great to be back racing after a long winter break. Overall, it was a very positive first day of testing for me.”

“Although the weather conditions were not ideal, with low temperatures and even some snow in the afternoon, I was able to develop a better sense of what the car behaves like on track.”

“We completed a good number of laps, completing aerodynamic and mechanical tests throughout the day. The C37 has potential, and I look forward to driving again on my second day of test 1.”

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