Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day One


2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day One

Formula 1 is back on-track (literally) with cars making an appearance for the first time at 2018 pre-season test one – day one in Barcelona at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

If you kept up to date with everything which happened during the day, you will have seen a unfortunate scene for Alonso who spun off-track and you will have also noticed that the Red Bull Racing team was faster than Mercedes but let’s take a look at all the details and driver interviews following the testing session today.


Mercedes – 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day One

Drivers: Valtteri Bottas (AM) – Lewis Hamilton (PM)

Laps Completed: Bottas: 58 Laps – Hamilton: 25 Laps – Total: 83

Best Lap Times: Bottas: 1:20.349 – Hamilton: 1:22.327

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team completed the majority of it’s planned programme on it’s first day of the 2018 pre-season testing, gathering valuable aero and tyre data. Owing to cold temperatures throughout th day and rain after the lunch break, the team decided to cut the running short midway through the afternoon.

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton took turns at the wheel of the all-new F1 W09 EQ Power+ completing a total of 83 laps.

Valtteri Bottas: “Our first morning here in Barcelona was very positive. We got everything done that we had planned and the main mission this morning was to gather aerodynamic data so I was doing runs at constant speeds.”

“I got a few practice laps for myself as well but that kind of running was very limited. We didn’t do any performance running so I haven’t pushed the W09 to it’s limit yet.”

Lewis Hamilton: “It’s great to be back in the car after three months off but unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to complete many laps today owing to the bad weather.”

“The track was very cold this afternoon meaning it was tough to get any sort of heat into the tyres and the tyres weren’t really working in these temperatures so I couldn’t get a real feel for them.”

“I didn’t really get the chance to push the car and go up to the top speeds as the conditions were so bad – it’s hard for me to say a whole lot about the car because I didn’t drive it for a long time but initially the feeling was good!”


Red Bull Racing – 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day One

Driver: Daniel Ricciardo

Laps Completed: 105

Best Lap Time: 1:20.179

After taking to the track for the first time last week in its one-off ‘Disruptobull’ livery for a filming day at Silverstone, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s 2018 challenger, the RB14, today returned to its familiar racing colour scheme as testing for the new Formula 1 season got underway at a cold (and late in the day, pretty wet) Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

After 105 trouble-free laps, Daniel Ricciardo ended the day at the top of timesheet with a best lap of 1:20.179, set in the morning session on medium-compound Pirelli tyres.

Daniel Ricciardo: “That was… cold! But apart from that it was good,”

“In the morning when it was dry everything was fine but in the afternoon the conditions were really tricky. It’s hard to get anything working with tyres in these temperatures, especially as they’ve also re-laid the surface. When the temperature is there it’s good, but when it’s cold there really isn’t any grip!”

“However, it was still a good day and we got over 100 laps done, with, I think, one run of 35 laps. So reliability was solid and hats off to everyone for that.”

“Performance? Yeah, It’s nice to see yourself at the top of the timesheets but in two-degree temperatures you really can’t learn anything!”

Williams Racing – 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day One

Drivers: Lance Stroll (AM) – Sergey Sirotkin (PM)

Laps Completed: Stroll: 46 Laps – Sirotkin: 28 Laps

Best Lap Times: Stroll: 1:22.452 – Sirotkin: 1:44.148

Lance Stroll: “So far, so good, which is always a positive thing on the first day. It is a new car, which means there are lots of things that have to be done to get on top of it, so it is good we had no problems this morning.”

“We have a big programme and we want to get a lot of laps done in order to get us as well prepared as possible for the first race. It is a bit early to say where we are, but it seems to be good so far. As for the halo, to be honest, I am not a huge fan of the look, however, it is going to help save lives.”

“If I am in the car and it is going to help reduce the chances of being injured I will definitely take that device and that is what the halo is doing. I am complaining about the looks, but at the same time I understand that the safety is important.”

“It is different for me here at this test as I have a year under my belt now. I am really looking forward to going into my second season of Formula One and having been to every track once, it is certainly different to where I was this time last year.”

Sergey Sirotkin: “Today was a bit cold and rainy, unfortunately. We spent all day trying to make the best of the conditions but it was probably a little bit too extreme to run consistently.”

“We tried different things throughout the day, but with the new surface which is nice and smooth, it’s not the best for such conditions. Due to the weather, I don’t think we could properly run or evaluate the car.”

“Obviously, you want to maximise the pace to try and maintain the temperatures but that requires pushing as much as you can. I tried my best but we don’t want to damage the car at this early stage, and there were some tricky moments during the day.”

“For sure, I was excited. It’s been a lot of work, we’ve been working very hard over the winter so it was very nice to be back here to try and put all the work we’ve done over the past few months onto the track in the car.”

“We still have seven days of testing so I hope we’ll get some clear running and get some more chances to try the car properly.”

“The halo is good, to be honest we’re quite used to it after running with it in the simulator. It’s definitely more difficult to jump in and jump out of the car but once you’re in it, you don’t care.”

Barcelona 2018 Pre-Season Test One – Day One – Timesheet

Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull – Laps 105 – 1:20.179
Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes – Laps 58 – 1:20.349
Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari – Laps 80 – 1:20.506
Nico Hulkenberg – Renault – Laps 73 – 1:20.547
Carlos Sainz – Renault – Laps 26 – 1:22.168
Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – Laps 25 – 1.22.327
Fernando Alonso – McLaren – Laps 51 – 1:22.354
Brendon Hartley – Toro Rosso – Laps 93 – 1:22.371
Lance Stroll – Williams – Laps 46 – 1:22.452
Romain Grosjean – Haas – Laps 55 – 1:22.578
Marcus Ericsson – Sauber – Laps – 63 – 1:23.408
Nikita Mazepin – Force India – Laps 22 – 1:25.628
Sergey Sirotkin – Williams – Laps 28 – 1:44.148

Further details from testing on the way…. stay tuned for more information!

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