Honda Confirm Jenson Button For Super GT 2018


Honda Confirm Jenson Button For Super GT 2018

The former Formula1 driver, Jenson Button has announced that he will be moving into the Super GT Series for 2018, being confirmed as a Team Kunimitsu driver and making his debut in the series later this year.

The Formula 1 World Champion stopped racing in Formula1 just over a year ago – after 17-years (consecutive seasons) in the sport. Last year, we did see Jenson Button making a welcomed comeback at Monaco, taking the seat of Fernando Alonso who had entered the Indianapolis 500 during the same weekend.

Before leaving the sport, Jenson Button made it no secret that he would be open to racing elsewhere and was officially named as a Team Kunimitsu driver last week.

He will be driving with Naoki Yamamoto, with the pair set to race for the first time at Suzuka on April 20th later this year.

Here is Honda’s 2018 Super GT Line-up

Team Kunimitsu: Jenson Button & Naoki Yamamoto

ARTA: Tomoki Nojiri & Takuya Izawa

Real Racing: Takashi Kogure & Koudai Tsukakoshi

Mugen: Daisuke Nakajima & Hideki Mutoh

Nakajima Racing: Kosuke Matsuura & Bertrand Baguette

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