Danish Grand Prix in 2020?


Danish Grand Prix in 2020?

Liberty Media’s Chase Carey has said right from the start that he intends to change (and re-shape) Formula 1 as we know it – with changes starting from last year, not forgetting the unwanted logo change which was announced at the end of last season, at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

One of the things which has been approved by fans (in an aim to attract a new audience) is the new approach from Formula 1 on social media – with drivers, reporters and media being allowed to share ‘behind-the-scenes’ features, giving fans an insight into the world of F1 which wouldn’t normally be seen.

Now, Chase Carey has started to set his sights on new markets – backing plans for a potential Danish Grand Prix which we could see on the Formula 1 calendar in 2020.

Reports are suggesting that officials have spoken and started putting together a £60m ‘Danish Grand Prix’ project for the street race which would potentially take place through the streets of Copenhagen – showing off landmarks which would increase tourism too.

Speaking to Reuters, this is what Chase Carey had to say about the plans and potential race – “We’re excited about the opportunity to explore a potential race here in Denmark. Copenhagen represents the type of location we think can really provide a great platform“.

Liberty Media is attempting to target new destinations and key markets which means we could be seeing a new race addition in the US too – whether it’s New Jersey or Miami along with other destinations around the world….

Which location would you like to see a Formula 1 race in?

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