2018 Russian Grand Prix Preview – With Red Bull Racing


2018 Russian Grand Prix Preview – With Red Bull Racing

It’s been nearly one week since the Singapore Grand Prix and the Championship battle has taken a turn in Lewis Hamilton’s favour who following the win in Singapore, now has a 40-point lead over Sebastian Vettel.

Now, we’re all looking forward to the Russian Grand Prix next weekend and here, you can see what the Red Bull Racing drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, have to say ahead of the race next weekend.

DANIEL RICCIARDO – 2018 Russian Grand Prix Preview


Daniel Ricciardo: “Sochi is a pretty unique circuit, it’s very flat and open. In some ways it feels like driving flat out in a car park, but it’s a surprisingly enjoyable lap. Apart from the long straight, there’s a lot going on and it’s a layout that keeps you thinking.”

“It’s definitely grown on me since we started racing there. The track surface has also improved over the last few years. When we first went there the track was very slippery but the grip levels have improved as the track has rubbered in, making it a more enjoyable circuit to drive.”

“It’s not a track I’ve had an amazing result at and it doesn’t really play to our strengths, but this is racing, so anything can happen.”

“I guess I need to go out and find Max a decent 21st Birthday present, (laughs) or maybe I will just dedicate my race win to him.”

MAX VERSTAPPEN – 2018 Russian Grand Prix Preview


Max Verstappen: “This year’s Russian Grand Prix will be a special one for me. It is my 21st birthday on Sunday, so hopefully I can make it one to remember.”

“I think I celebrated my 18th there also, so it won’t be new to have my birthday in Sochi. I feel Russia is an up and coming Grand Prix as it still feels quite new to me.”

“As well as being in the Olympic Park the track has a unique layout. The views form parts of the track and the hotels are really nice.”

“On one side you have the mountains and on the other, the sea. It’s not the best track for our car so it’s vital to get the set-up right for specific corners, we know we will lose time on the long straights so cornering is key.”

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