Sebastian Vettel Interview (Brazil)


Sebastian Vettel Interview (Brazil)

Thanks to we hear from Sebastian Vettel who spoke to the media ahead of the Brazil Grand Prix discussing Ferrari’s chances to win the last two races and how the team are already looking to the 2018 Formula 1 season.

Question – Sebastian, after losing the title fight in Mexico, how difficult is it to turn the page and come here fully motivated?

Sebastian Vettel – “In the first moment, it is for sure difficult to go back to business as usual. It’s hard. That’s why it’s good to go through to another race – that definitely helps!

The moment you get into the car, the musing about ‘if’s’ and ‘buts’ of the past 18 races stops abruptly and you focus again only on the driving. That’s why I’m really looking forward to these last two races.”

Maybe losing out is a little bit easier to come to terms with when there are still two races to go rather than losing at the very last race and having to go home with a defeat.

Question – For sure you don’t want to sneak out of this season without an impressive departure, how much of a tailwind would that mean for the build-up of 2018?

Sebastian Vettel – “A lot! Particularly as there are no rule changes and the car that ends up top in 2017, should be able to carry this into 2018. Everything that we learn here (Brazil) and in Abu Dhabi is a good step for the next season so lifting off the throttle would be the completely wrong thing to do!

Question – How much did you have to lift the throttle today? Any concerns?

Sebastian Vettel – “This is Friday, there are no big surprises. We’ve been able to go through our programme and did a lot of laps – yes, in terms of speed, we need to find more pace tomorrow if we want to be at the very front.

It’s obvious that Mercedes were the benchmark today and behind them it’s pretty tight between Red Bull and us – my guess is that in race trim, things will look slightly different so the main task tomorrow is to balance the car better – then, we should be faster.

Question – How many 2018-spec parts were on the car today?

Sebastian Vettel – “I think rumours are wobbling through the paddock that there are massive parts on the car for 2017 and the fact is, the whole season has been a preparation for 2018 as there will be no rule changes other than the halo.

Everything we have learned this season will find it’s way onto the car in 2018.

Question – Ferrari made headlines recently in regards to proposed new engine regulations – do you have an opinion on these matters?

Sebastian Vettel – “I have vaguely heard about it but I have no opinion on it, as long as it is not carved in stone!

Question – Ferrari President, Sergio Marchionne, identified driver mistakes as one of the reasons for the loss of the Championships this year. Is he right with his judgement? Is there anything you would have done differently in hindsight?

Sebastian Vettel – “I think what he said is fair enough. Of course, you would do things different – otherwise, you wouldn’t learn from your mistakes. I think we can all agree that we didn’t have the season we could have had – or should have had! For obvious reasons….”

Question – In his opinion, the Ferrari right now is the best car on the grid. That sounds like a massive pressure to deliver wins in the last two races….

Sebastian Vettel – “We have a chance to win the races yes! As I said before, if we find a better balance, that should make us faster – the long run was promising.

Question – How much of a foretaste will these last two races be in regards t the 2018 championship? In the last couple of races, it was no longer a two-horse race between Mercedes and Ferrari? Red Bull have upped their game and are now serious contenders too…

Sebastian Vettel – “Yes, we will see two hard fought races – that’s for sure! If that foretaste is for 2018, I would not dare to make a prediction.

There is the possibility to design a new car over the winter and maybe one gets it a bit more right than the other, who knows? But one thing is for sure – the tighter it gets, the more fun it is in the car and the more fun it is to watch.

Question – Lewis Hamilton also said that he would very much enjoy a season with three teams fighting for the title. Would you also agree? You, Lewis….. and Max Verstappen? Or is Max still a bit too much of a troublemaker?

Sebastian Vettel – “To be honest, if we are among those fighting for the title, I don’t care if we are the only two or if there are another 10! Maybe the more we have, the more exciting it will be!

Question – Would you say that Lewis ‘deserves’ the title?

Sebastian Vettel – “To win the title, you have to score the most points – he scored the most points than anybody else so, he deserves it.

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