But They DID Shake Hands…..


But They DID Shake Hands….

Since that incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago in Baku during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, tensions have flared between the two title contenders, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Today, we saw the qualifying session taking place ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix which saw Valtteri Bottas take pole position with Sebastian Vettel in 2nd place and Lewis Hamilton in 3rd who will drop down to 8th place due to a penalty for an unauthorised change on the gearbox.

However, the media seems to be turning this into something bigger than it needs to be – let’s take a look at the details below.

Thursday Drivers Press Conference – Formula 1

On Thursday, both drivers addressed the media saying that they had in effect ‘moved on‘ and didn’t feel the need to ‘drag this out any longer‘ however it seems that the media / journalists have other ideas.

Sebastian Vettel has apologised on numerous occasions, twice being in Thursday’s drivers press conference – “Am I proud of that moment? No. Can I take it back? No. Do I regret it? Yes. So I don’t think I need to drag this out any longer.”

When asked again – “Obviously what I did was wrong and I have apologised. I think it’s totally up to Lewis. Obviously I made a mistake so I can understand that he’s upset but it’s nice to hear that we are able to move forward.”

Lewis Hamilton has in fact accepted the apology and said in Thursday’s driver press conference – “….yeah, I accepted his apology and have moved on.”

You can see the full driver press conference in this post here with all the questions asked to the three drivers – Lewis Hamilton, Kevin Magnussen and Sebastian Vettel.

Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying – Formula 1

Today, we had the Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying session where yet again, the media has tried to turn this into something else.

The Express.co.uk has featured a post saying  “Lewis Hamilton REFUSES to shake Sebastian Vettel’s hand on TV after Austrian Qualifying” sharing a clip in the post which shows the pair not shaking hands.

The clip which the express have featured is what is being shown on TV in the sports highlights (Sky Sports) – however, only minutes before, the two drivers HAD shaken hands and congratulated one another. (This was shown live during Qualifying)

It seems that the media only shares what it wants and despite both drivers saying that they ‘have moved on‘ they are continuing to make this into something it’s not.

Here on The Formula 1 Girl, you can see a picture of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel SHAKING hands after the Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying session.


Even if you think he was right or wrong, Sebastian Vettel has apologised for his actions and Lewis Hamilton has accepted the apology and moved on.

Why can’t the media be professional and move on too?

Why does the media feel the need to share clips that are one-sided, not showing the handshake (which was in fact aired live)?

Why does the media not respect both drivers’ wishes and not drag this out any longer?

Maybe it’s time for the media to act professionally and focus on what matters most – the racing and what happens on-track rather than what happens off-track?

The Formula 1 Girl 🙂



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  1. Barry
    6th August 2017 / 12:11 pm

    Formula 1 girl this is one of the best written pieces and its nice to see someone write about this in the way it happened instead of making it bigger than what it needs to be.

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