Vettel, Hamilton and Seagulls! Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Vettel, Hamilton and Seagulls – TV Gold from this weekend’s Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix where Vettel ‘crashed‘ Hamilton’s Sky F1 Interview

It was a rare moment, seeing two drivers who compete against each other on-track, having a laugh and enjoying themselves off-track. 

Lewis Hamilton had just started his interview on Sky Sports F1 when Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel ‘crashed’ the interview to mention his lockup and the seagulls. 

See the full interview on the video below! 🙂 

As mentioned above, it’s rare to see two drivers who are competitors being this way off-track….. what happens on-track, stays on-track!

It would be nice to see more moments like this as not only does it provide good TV but it allows fans to see another side to the drivers which is not normally seen, it shows you that they have respect for one another and that they handle things in a professional way but overall – it gives the sport a good name. 

Lots more to come soon! 

The Formula 1 Girl 🙂 


Image & Interview Sky Sports F1 


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