Red Bull Racing Energy Station Monaco


Red Bull Racing Energy Station Monaco – Have a little look round the RedBull Racing Energy Station in Monaco during the Formula 1 Grand Prix week.

If you follow me on social media like Instagram – you will have seen that last week I was in Monaco attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix and was also invited to the RedBull Racing Energy Station in Monaco.

You all know by now that I’m a huge fan of Formula 1 – having watched it for years and not missing a single race in the last 6 years, the energy station was a place that I’ve dreamt about visiting.

When you see it being featured on TV or shown through a mini-tour on Ted’s Notebook – you can see why it’s considered to be the ‘party-station‘.

Everyone wants to be there when they’re in Monaco and my time there was absolutely brilliant!!

Armed with my RedBull Racing pass – I was shown around by the RedBull team and told to explore, walk round and make myself feel at home.

I have to admit, I did feel a little out of place – it was my first race weekend that I’ve attended and to be in the actual RedBull Energy Station was something that I’ve dreamt about.

Going to the top-deck I sat on the corner sofa and just admired the glorious views around me – Monaco is really beautiful during the day and when you see the lights sparkling at night, it’s absolutely magical!

Admiring the views and taking in the fact I was at the Energy station, I became a typical ‘blogger’ taking photos on my iPhone, Nikon Camera and filming little Snapchats (@layladbeauty) to share with you all.

Members of the Red Bull team came and had a chat, telling me about their experiences and what it’s like working for RedBull.

Overall, it’s a fun team to work for however during the race weekends and especially when things are running late it all gets very stressful for them but they ‘wouldn’t change it’ for anything.

One thing which stood out for me is how the staff all respect one another and they’ve all found a balance between themselves to not let arguments get in the way of their work, drivers and race weekends which is lovely to hear when there’s so much going on and so many people working together.

Walking down to the lower floor – I went over to the pool area which is actually smaller than I imagined!

I thought the pool would be the main focus however it’s tucked away to one side and if you didn’t walk around – you would probably miss it.

Tempted to dip my toes in the refreshing water, I didn’t and instead walked over to the bar and had a lovely refreshing drink!

At the back of the RedBull Energy Station, there was a lady who took down people’s names and added them to a ‘list’.

This list was to go onto the RedBull boat – taking you out onto the Marina, a great way to get some lovely photos and bringing you back to the RedBull Energy Station.

If I’d have known, I would have put my name down too however I had another event to attend and didn’t have enough time – sadly.

Here are a few photos from the Red Bull Energy Station Monaco – Enjoy! 🙂








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